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Water Activities - Diving  Pacific Divers - Introduction
 Diving - Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Pacific Divers will give you the finest diving experience in Rarotonga with sound knowledge of some of the greatest dive spots around. Two tank dive trips are our specialty.

At Pacific Divers we dive all sides of the island, having our boat ready and waiting where the diving and weather is best. Most dive sites are suitable for all levels of experience, and we have a divemaster on every dive to point out interesting features, navigate and monitor the dive profile. All you have to do is swim along and enjoy.

There are over 30 dive sites around Rarotonga. Our favorites include Anchors mistake, Smurt City, Matavera Wall, Sand River, Avaavaroa passage and caves, Papua break and caves, Sunset reef and lava tube swim throughs, Black Rock, The Mataora wreck and the Maritime Reefer wreck to name a few.

Some of the more spectacular seasonal creatures include the schools of eagle rays, hammerhead sharts and whales. Because Rarotonga is right on the deep blue, plenty of palegics can be seen with Tuna and Giant Trevalli often sighted. Our favorite, turtles are faily common, as are Moray eels and large reef fish. The reef is abundant with teh usual schools of reef dwellers - surgeons, parrots, wrasses etc....