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Water Activities - Boat Cruises  Teking Lagoon Cruises - Introduction
 Boat Cruises - Aitutaki, Cook Islands
Join TeKING and his crew for a great day out on Aitutaki’s beautiful lagoon.

Teariki Reva George, owner and captain of Tekings Lagoon Cruises is the self proclaimed King of the Lagoon. His name (Teariki) means the King, a name Teariki takes proudly. Spending a day out with Te King is a great way to enjoy this magical and stunningly beautiful lagoon. Tekings local sense of humour and contagious laugh, provides for a personal and friendly atmosphere. There are some things he does takes seriously, one of which is to ensure that you get to enjoy as much of the lagoon as possible. They do this by offering a variety of cruises.

Tekings Lagoon Cruises have an 18 foot single aluminium hull boat and a 22 foot single aluminium hull boat, both of which are fully equipped with safety equipment and are operated by trained and professional staff. They offer a Snorkelling Safari, a Champagne Brunch Cruise and the Maina Sunset Cruise. All of which allow you to snorkel in some of the best locations in Aitutaki’s pristine lagoon and the
opportunity to see turtles at home in her crystal clear waters. Sunset Adventure.