Cook Islands, Northen Group, Southern Group
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Aitutaki is pronounced i-too-tukky – and is the second most frequented destination in the Cook Islands.
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Few places in the world can equal the natural beauty of Rarotonga.
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Cook Islands, Northen Group, Southern Group

The Southern Islands
The friendly relaxed pace of life offered in the Southern group of the Cook islands is second to none when it comes to hospitality, activities and a great place to relax and enjoy your break.

From the quaint town of Avarua in Rarotonga, through to the unspoiled beauty of Aitutaki which enjoys a high profile internationally with those looking for a secluded, pampered holiday, there is something here for every taste.

You can enjoy a diverse range of aquatic activities, or eco-tours, seeing some of the world's rarest birds, or simply sit back and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the lagoons.

The Northern Islands
Close to French Polynesia - only an hour's flight to Tahiti in some instances - are the Northern Group of the Cook Islands. If you are looking for true wild beauty in the South Pacific and where time seems to have stood still, then this group is a world leader in eco-tourism.

Very much off the beaten track and very under-utilised from a tourism point of view, these are some of the few places left in the world where you can truly relax or explore in solitude if you wish.