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The people of the Cook Islands are open and naturally friendly, hard working people whom live off the land and cherish there surroundings. Their hospitality is warm and spontaneous, always willing to offer something or help a stranger out.  The dancing exuberant and captivating, with so much passion and grace, dancing is a real treat to witness.

Cook Islanders share a genuine concern for others and their old culture lives on through song, dance, legends and an easy pace of life reflecting the nature of the islands in which they live.  They are very family orientated and have a lot of love, devotion and respect towards there loved ones. 

Cook Islanders retain much of their culture and this is passed down from generation to generation. There are restored sites, maraes and also our museum to see.  They are also quite religious people with Sunday being a day dedicated to god, with most people spending there mornings at church and a 'day of rest'.  Most shops are closed on Sunday and very little activity as it is there 'day of rest'.

Other culture is kept alive with dance and song and these can be seen at the Cultural Village or at the special Island Nights at the main hotels.  There are very good displays also at constitutional celebrations and with our Dancer of The Year competitions and also Tiare Week.